Shout It Dallas Marquee Letters & Numbers

Shout it Dallas marquee letters are great for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, grand openings and even house parties. You can choose from our selection of 4 foot letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 to create any phrase. As an added bonus, our full-color LED bulbs can be customized to fit any party theme! As soon as you’re ready to confirm availability for an upcoming event, please use the contact form below. Our local Dallas team will reach out with a personalized quote as soon as possible!

Flat Fee Pricing + Delivery

3 to 5 Letters & Numbers $500

  • BOO
  • 2023
  • 30TH
  • BDAY
  • M&M
  • 40, 50, 60

6 to 9 Letters & Numbers $750

  • MR & MRS
  • HAPPY 40TH
  • GRAD23
  • PROM23
  • CUSTOM23

10 to 14 Letters & Numbers $1000

  • NEW YEARS 2023
  • LHHS HOCO 2023

Custom phrases follow the same flat-free pricing structure. If you’re looking for a company name or custom letters of any kind, please include the details in the form below so we can confirm availability. The phrases listed above are just a small sample of what we can do!

Ready to book your marquee letters?!


The standard rate within Dallas is $75. If your event is outside of the Dallas city limits, please include the address so we can provide a custom delivery quote.

Additional delivery fees will be added for the following situations: Service elevator required (high-rise/hotel/stadium), mandatory late-night pickup (after 10 PM), outdoor installation (approval required).

For up to 10 letters, we only need access to 1 outlet. Any phrases over 10 letters require 2 outlets.

Letters must located within 25 feet of an outlet.

Outdoor installations require approval from our sales team before booking. Please inquire with details so we can discuss. As long as there is a secure flat surface, we can usually make it work.

Our standard LED bulbs have 20 different colors to choose from. The delivery team will include a remote & quick lesson on changing colors so you can pick from any of the available options. Check out our photo gallery or instagram for ideas.

Yes! We have two of every number 0-9 in our inventory.  All of our numbers and letters are a standard 4 feet tall, so they look great paired together. Examples: GRAD23 | PROM23 | HAPPY 50TH

Each letter can range from 2 to 3 feet wide. 2.5 feet/letter is a good estimate. For example, a six letter phrase typically runs about 12-15 feet wide. Please make sure you have enough space when inquiring about a longer phrase.

We do not, but we’ve partnered with some of the best balloon artists in DFW, including Pink on The Weekend & Dallas Balloon Bar. We are happy to connect you or you can reach out directly for a quote!

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