Introducing Daytime LED White Bulbs

We’re excited to announce our new bright-white daytime bulbs intended for outdoor and/or partially outdoor daytime events. When we started Shout It Dallas, we had no idea we would become LED experts, ha! The truth is, we had to learn the hard way. Our vision was to remove the “retro” from Marquee Letters. To us, this meant using a clean/solid-white construction, timeless font & upgraded bulbs. We wanted to avoid the clear incandescent bulbs that are typically used. Simple right?!

Long story short, it took us months find the right type of color-changing bulb for our letters. When we finally received the shipment, we were so excited. It was around the holidays & all of our corporate holiday clients were on board to mix it up. Here’s a few of our early events that used the full color options:


Speaking of white bulbs, the warm white & bright white options were also extremely popular! Win-win, we found the perfect bulb! Or did we? Here are photos of two early events that used the white & warm-white options (indoor):




Fast forward to our first outdoor event, and we were so confused… Why do our white bulbs look PINK?! Then it hit us, our bulbs must be interacting with the sun. Turns out, the perfect color-changing bulbs are not so perfect after all. It took us a while to figure out how to deal with this. We tried every color option possible and weren’t entirely happy with the way any of them looked in the sunlight. We wanted to be able to offer a true solid-white option that looks just as good during the day as it does at night. So, we dove right back in and started our search for the perfect solid-white daytime LED bulb.

Today, we are happy to announce, we have received our second shipment of custom LED bulbs since opening Shout It Dallas, and they are perfect for outdoor daytime events! Finding photographable anti-flicker LED bulbs is not easy, but we did it. Keep in mind moving forward it will be important to indicate indoor vs. outdoor placement. We can offer this option, but it does require our team to switch out the bulbs prior to delivery. And these white bulbs do not change colors (you can’t have it all!). Here’s our new bright-white bulb vs color-changing white during the day:



We hope you’ll give us a shout to light up your next event! We will do everything we can to make sure you event looks amazing, so please be specific regarding the placement of the letters.