Popular Marquee Letter Phrases – Custom or Classic?

If you are thinking about renting marquee letters for your next event, you may be asking yourself: “Should I just pick a standard phrase, or be more creative?” Clients often ask our team to help with this, and we love it! The short answer is, if custom is an option, go for it. Of course, there may be certain situations (a proposal or prom for example), where we do recommend keeping it simple.

One of our favorite things about running a marquee letter rental company is the ability to brand events with custom messaging. While we do rent a handful of common phrases (examples: PROM, MARRY ME & CHEERS), most of our clients choose to be creative when renting marquee letters.

We scoured our event photos and ranked our favorite custom & classic phrases. Here’s the Top 5 recent events…

#1 CUSTOM: The owners of LeForce reached out to help brand their Star-Wars themed anniversary party. They chose to go with purple & teal ombre bulbs to match the colors of the event. Photo credit: Lightly Photography

LEFORCE marquee letters


#2 CUSTOM: The Rolle’s reached out to add a pop to their wedding dance floor. We absolutely loved their last name & knew it would look great in photos. They chose to stick with our classic wedding-white bulbs. Photo credit: Silver Bear Creative

ROLLE Marquee Letters


#3 CUSTOM: D Magazine recently hosted their annual Best of Big D celebration at The Factory in Deep Ellum. They wanted to go big with the branding during the carnival themed “Under the Big Top” party. They selected our red bulb option to stick with both the theme & D-Magazine colors. Photo Credit: Bret Redman

Best Of Big D Marquee Letters


#4 CLASSIC: This proposal may have been one of the sweetest events we’ve helped with to-date. We love it when guys reach out and want to go big on their proposal day. They chose MARRY ME and selected our daytime white option, which looks best in daytime photos & videos.

Marry Me Marquee Letters


#5 – CLASSIC: With the 2022 holiday season right around the corner, we had to go with one of our all-time favorites. CHEERS was by far the #1 most-booked phrase for the 2021 holiday season and we have already started booking it out for 2022 parties as well! This client hosted a company holiday party at DEC on Dragon venue and selected the candy-striped warm white & red bulb option. They also added a custom balloon-garland topper with Pink on The Weekend

CHEERS Marquee Letters


Contact us today so we can help you with your decision to book either classic or custom marquee letters for your next event!

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